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Latest Release

The complete source code for official releases of the GetData project are available from SourceForge. The latest version of GetData, released 26 January, 2017, is:

GetData may be downloaded from your local SourceForge mirror.

GetData 0.10 introduces Dirfile Standards Version 10, which adds three new field types (INDIR, SARRAY, SINDIR), and field namespaces. GetData 0.10 the ability to perform regular expression searches on field names and also includes fixes for bugs found in the 0.9 series.

Pre-Built Packages

GetData has been packaged for release on various Linux distributions, including:

GetData is available in Debian sid (unstable) and wheezy (testing). NB: In Debian, the GetData Project is packaged as libgetdata and should not be confused with the unrelated getData package.
Fedora & Red Hat Enterprise Linux:
GetData has been included in Fedora since Fedora 8 and EPEL since version 4.
GetData has been included in openSUSE since openSUSE 11.4.
A GetData PPA with recent versions of GetData is availble on launchpad. It is usually updated shortly after GetData releases occur. Without that PPA, Ubuntu provides the debian package.

These binary packages are not maintained by the GetData library developers; reports of problems associated with them may be better directed to the package maintainers directly.


The GetData source code is housed in a Subversion repository. The latest snapshot of the stable GetData-0.10.x branch may be retrieved from:

using a Subversion client. If you have the svn program, the following may work:
svn co svn:// getdata

Unlike the official releases, the repository does not contain the compiled configure script, only its autoconf input. To create the configure script, and the rest of the build environment, execute:

autoreconf -vifs
from the directory containing Autoconf 2.65, or newer, automake 1.13, or newer, and libtool 2.2.7b, or better, are required. You should only have to do this when you check out a new copy of the repository.

Please note: unlike the official releases, the library obtained from the subversion repository may contain untested code and may exhibit undocumented behaviour. It may not compile; it may irrevocably corrupt any dirfile it touches; it may cause global warming. Its ABI and API are not guaranteed to conform to any previous, current, or future release of the library. However, if the latest official release contains a very annoying bug which has been fixed in the repository, it might be worth a try.

The Subversion repository may be browsed on the web.

Previous Releases

Older getdata releases available include the following:

GetData 0.3 only supports dirfiles up to and including Dirfile Standards Version Five. GetData 0.4 and 0.5 support dirfiles only up to and including Standards Version Six. GetData 0.6 supports dirfiles only up to and including Standards Version Seven. GetData 0.7 supports dirfiles only up to and including Standards Version Eight. GetData 0.8 and 0.9 supports dirfiles only up to and including Standards Version Nine.

GetData 0.4 added the ability to add fields, support for the slim compression scheme. GetData 0.5 added support for gzip and bzip2 compression schemes, and added functionality for the manipulation of metadata. GetData 0.6 added Python and IDL bindings. GetData 0.7 added MacOS X and Microsoft Windows support. GetData 0.8 added gzip write support and Perl5 bindings.

GetData 0.5 and earlier are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Later releases are available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

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